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Comedy Magic Show

For those of who want a complete evening of comedy and magic, Ian Keable performs a full one man show, called Funny Tricks - two halves of 45 minutes of comedy and magic.

In the first half Ian talks about, and demonstrates, some of the techniques used to mystify audiences - is the hand really quicker than the eye, how does a magician misdirect his audience, or does everything just disappear up the sleeve? And all done with laughs galore.

In the second half he performs his highly acclaimed After Dinner act.

This is a video of extracts from Ian's Funny Tricks show taken from many performances across the UK. It lasts around 5 1/2 minutes.
Ian has performed this show on numerous occasions all over the country in venues as diverse as village halls, art centres and theatres.
The show is completely self-contained. All the sound, lighting and publicity (in the form of posters and flyers) are provided absolutely free. All you need do is to magic up an audience!

A master of magic – and a vision of Harry Potter in 40 years' time

Published on Sunday 1 April 2012
Ian Keable: Funny Tricks
Square Chapel, Halifax

All Ian Keable asks of his audience is to suspend disbelief and regress into childhood as he performs a series of baffling illusions, occasionally announcing what he is going to do beforehand – yet still we don’t get how he does it! The first half of his Funny Tricks show contained several classic feats: silky skills with handkerchiefs which apparently tie and unravel themselves, a torn newspaper which this master magician imperceptibly restores and a routine which left a number of borrowed jewellery rings inexplicably linked together.

After the interval Keable revealed himself to be more mind-raider than mind-reader as he plundered the thoughts of people selected at random. It didn’t matter whether they thought of a particular playing card or pluck any word from a dictionary, this bespectacled magician had the answer.

Keable, a former winner of the Magic Circle Comedy Award possesses impressive sleight of hand, a skill complemented by the jaunty, jocular narrative which engages and connects with his audience.

Frequently offering out his props for close inspection, this one-man act was a compendium of baffling, mesmerising tricks which left us all spellbound.

It's curious to speculate that JK Rowling probably did Ian Keable a favour when she penned Harry Potter because her phenomenon generated renewed interest in the world of magic. Say, come to think of it, bespectacled magician with mesmeric powers. Hmmm.. if you want to know what Harry Potter will look like in 40 years time, Keable has the answer to that too!

Simon Wilkinson

I wanted to thank you so much for providing us with such a brilliant show on Saturday! Bockleton is buzzing with excitement still! The two farmers you had up on stage will go down in Bockleton history (and so will you!). Everyone had a wonderful time and we have had a number of people expressing their appreciation of such a great evening.
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